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Colors of Travel

Stitched dreamscape

Spring in Valencia

Have faith in what is and also in what will be.-4.png



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The following paintings are currently available but unfortunately I can't give any guarantee. If you're interested in one of the paintings feel free to get in touch with me via the contact form at the end of this page.
I'll provide you with further information as soon as possible.

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Paula Torralba

 Paula Torralba

Engel & Völkers Luxury Real Estate Agent

"The attention to detail and the high-quality craftsmanship of Kea Elisa's art aligns perfectly with the luxury standards we uphold in our properties.


It enhances the overall aesthetic and value of each home."

Emma Nilsson

Emma Nilsson

Swedish Model

"Your art is the finishing touch to my Parisian apartment - it adds style and elegance effortlessly. Each piece complements the chic vibe of my space, making a statement that reflects my taste.

Just like a fashionable accessory completes an outfit, your art completes the look of my home, making it feel sophisticated and refined."

Kim Schubert

Kim Schubert

Interior Influencer @hausklamotte

"Kea Elisa's artwork has completely transformed my space.


Every time I look at it, I discover something new, and it never fails to inspire me."

Lara Theresa

Lara Theresa

Lifestyle Influencer @lara_theresa

"Kea Elisa's art speaks to me on such a profound level.

The way she uses color and texture creates an emotional depth that I find truly captivating."



Luxury Real Estate Agency Ibiza, Spain. 


"Not only we are all in love with this piece of art [Virbrant Santa Teresa], but also it has influenced our team's mood and productivity each day. 

Keep rocking!" 

Horacio Silva

Horacio Silva

Renowned Spanish Painter

"Kea Elisa's artwork stands out for her skillful use of color. Her paintings are filled with carefully chosen colors that blend together perfectly, creating a sense of harmony. Each color is picked to make you feel a certain way, whether it's calm or deeply emotional.

But what makes Kea Elisa's art special is the threads she sews onto the canvas. These lines look like wounds, adding a real feeling to her pieces."

Lars Wiggert

Lars Wiggert

Renowned German Painter for Sylt landscapes

"Born in Northern Germany, the young painter Kea Elisa carries her southern roots to the north and never relinquishes them. Her works narrate the tale of this balance and the ‘emotional streets’ on her artistic journey. The moods that arrive within me as I gaze upon her paintings, which I cherish the most, are intense, intoxicating, and enticing. There’s this intensity, this longing to be there: it’s the colors, the clouds, the sky, the sea, it’s the light. It’s this interplay that evokes the strongest sensation within me as I observe—a feeling of liberation."

Markus Niesen.JPG

Markus Niesen

German Children's book Publisher & Author

"The Mediterranean sensuality [commissioned work] has captivated me!


Every morning, I gaze at the picture of Kea Elisa and immerse myself in joyfully vibrant colors by the sea – into a fantastic world.

The well-traveled artist knows this Mediterranean world very well.

She enthusiastically recounts it, preferably over tapas and a refreshing drink."

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