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since 2019

A boundless wanderlust that would guide her path through life.

Kea Elisa was born and raised in the northernmost state of Germany. She has her roots in the flat land between the North and Baltic Seas. The strong urge to travel let her leave home and brought her new impulses for her paintings.

Kea Elisa's spirit has always been infused with wanderlust, an unwavering desire to explore new horizons and embrace the world's endless facets. From the very beginning of her life, she yearned for adventure.

As Kea Elisa matured, her curiosity urged her to break free from the confines of her hometown. Whether she was embarking on a backpacking expedition through Southeast Asia, braving the glacial expanses of the South American Andes, or surrendering to the never-ending festivities of Ibiza, she seized every chance to unravel the mysteries of the world, one step at a time. Soon, her passion for travel transcended mere vacations and transformed into a nomadic lifestyle. Kea discovered that her true happiness lay in exploring uncharted territories, forging connections with new people, and embracing the richness of diverse traditions. She reveled in the beauty of serendipity—those unforeseen encounters and magical moments that alter the course of a journey. 


"All my paintings are a kind of personal diary entry. I remember with the single brushstrokes the moments it was made."
Kea Elisa


her Atelier in spain.

At the moment she has her Atelier in Valencia's trendy Ruzafa neighborhood! Surrounded by charming cafes, each day brings a burst of creative inspiration. The vibrant streets, adorned with street art, provide the perfect backdrop to her artistic endeavors. Her dream is to open another atelier, preferably on an island like Ibiza, complete with a high-quality coffee machine and loud music boxes. 

Contemporary abstract art

Her contemporary artworks are abstract. She combines elements of her observations and emotions to create unique compositions. Her artwork often showcases a harmonious blend of vibrant colors, intricate details, and fluid brushwork, capturing the essence of the places she has visited. Kea Elisa's art serves as a testament to the transformative power of travel and the profound impact it has on artistic expression. Her works not only capture the external beauty of the places she visits but also evoke a sense of wonder, curiosity, and personal connection. Through her art, Kea Elisa invites others to embark on their own visual journeys, encouraging a deeper appreciation for the world and its diverse cultures. 

"My art isn't just about creating visually stunning pieces; it's a mission. It's about empowering fellows to embrace freedom, shatter their limitations, and dive headfirst into grand adventures. Can you feel the energy pulsing behind my words? Life's a game, and it's up to us to play it boldly. So, let's seize the moment and make every move count."

Kea Elisa


Since 2019

She achieved a significant milestone at just 19 years old by selling her first commissioned artwork for €2000,


marking the beginning of her journey as an artist.

Haus mit Pool

Real Estate

With a Bachelor of Art in Real Estate Management, she deepens her understanding of property and space, blending artistic creativity with practical knowledge.



During her obligatory internship at a Luxury Real Estate company in Ibiza, she drew inspiration from renowned architect Rolf Blakstad, renowned for his Ibicenco architectural styles. 

Download her Artist Portfolio

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