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Juni, 2024

März, april 2024
Exhibition in Casa Raíz, Valencia


C/ del Pintor Salvador Abril, 

34, 46005 Valéncia

März 2024
Exclusive Interview with Munthe for Art Monday 

Bild 07.03.24 um 10.53.jpeg

März 2024
Adding new techniques to Artstyle: Embroidery and Graffiti 

Februar 2024
Collaboration with Amaia Molinuevo from @awakeart 

Podcast Interview with psychologist Kerstin Reif
in German


Kea Elisa is an artist in Valencia who has already sailed across the Atlantic ocean. At only 24 years old, her travel experiences inspire her art. She has exhibited her works at art shows in Hamburg, Brussels, and Madrid.


But who is the woman inside, following her dreams and bravely and confidently navigating her path despite obstacles? What makes her rise again and endure rough patches? What does it take to buy her first property at 19, sail around the world, and live on a sailboat in Valencia? To have her own studio... and how does she manage to combine her art with her passion for travel?


Kerstin Reif talks to Kea Elisa about turning points in her eventful life, her art, and her sailing trip from Uruguay to Spain. It's a moving and touching conversation that inspires almost every listener to be brave and pursue their own dreams, even when obstacles seem to stand in the way.


Listeners learn how important it is to trust life again and again, and to relieve themselves of the pressure of always needing to know where the journey is going.

Collaboration with @denizeartworks

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IMG_8646 2.jpeg
IMG_8635 2.jpeg

Moving into Valencian Artstudio
Thrilled to announce my move to an art studio in Valencia's trendy Ruzafa neighborhood! Surrounded by charming cafes, each day brings a burst of creative inspiration. The vibrant streets, adorned with street art, provide the perfect backdrop to my artistic endeavors.

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