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Costa Rica


Welcome to the Jungle

Acrylic on Canvas

H: 100cm x W: 80cm

Price: On Request

"Welcome to the Jungle"  signifies an invitation to explore the dynamic and natural environment of Santa Teresa, which is known for its lush tropical rainforest and diverse wildlife. Santa Teresa's coastal setting and the surrounding jungle provide a backdrop for the artist's experiences and inspiration. By referencing the jungle and dedicating the series to the flow state, the artwork encourages viewers to immerse themselves in the power and beauty of nature and to find their own moments of connection, presence, and flow within it. The jungle also carry symbolic meanings such as growth, exploration, and the interplay between order and chaos. It represents a vibrant and thriving ecosystem that is teeming with life and energy. By referencing the jungle, the artwork series allude to the transformative and expansive experiences that can be encountered in Santa Teresa, where individuals can push their boundaries, embrace challenges, and tap into their inner strength and vitality.

The artwork series "SANTA TERESA" is dedicated to Santa Teresa, a small coastal town on the southern tip of the Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica known for its perfect waves for surfing. The series captures the artist's personal experiences and the unique "Pura Vida" atmosphere she felt while being inspired by the vibrant vibe of Santa Teresa.


Vibrant Santa Teresa

Acrylic on Canvas

H: 100cm x W 70cm


The series is subjective and represents Kea Elisa's personal interpretation of Santa Teresa. It offers viewers a glimpse into how the artist perceived and experienced the town's unique ambiance, encouraging them to explore their own emotional connection to the place. Rather than providing a literal representation of Santa Teresa's geographical features, the artwork series seeks to convey the essence and spirit of the place. It aims to capture the intangible qualities that make Santa Teresa special, such as its vibrant energy, laid-back atmosphere, and the sense of freedom and adventure associated with surfing.

The artwork series becomes a visual narrative that encapsulates the vibrant, fluid, and surf-inspired essence of the coastal town.

Flow state of Mind

Acrylic on Canvas

H: 100cm x W: 70cm

Price: On Request


The series is deeply rooted in the artist's personal experiences and emotions while being in Santa Teresa. It reflects her unique perspective and the impressions she formed during her time in the town. The artwork becomes a visual manifestation of the artist's memories, feelings, and connections to Santa Teresa. Through the use of fluid forms, dynamic compositions, and vibrant colors, the artwork seeks to mirror the experience of being in a state of flow. The flow state, also known as being "in the zone," refers to a state of complete immersion and focus in an activity, where time seems to pass effortlessly and one's skills are fully utilized. It is a mental state associated with optimal performance and a deep sense of satisfaction. Kea Elisa's inspiration from the perfect waves in Santa Teresa and her personal experiences of surfing likely played a role in the dedication to the flow state. The series reflect the artist's attempts to capture the sense of being fully present, in harmony with the environment, and in a state of flow that is often experienced while riding waves.


The message

The overarching message of the artwork series is to convey the essence and energy of Santa Teresa rather than providing a literal representation of its geography. The focus is on the artist's personal impressions and emotions evoked by the town. Through the use of colors, particularly pink and fluid tones, the artwork series aims to capture the dynamic and lively atmosphere of Santa Teresa.

The theme

Pink, a vibrant and playful color, is chosen to represent the vibrant energy of the coastal town. The fluid-like nature of the colors further emphasizes the dynamic and ever-changing nature of Santa Teresa. The use of fluid and flowing forms may also evoke a sense of movement and freedom, reflecting the experience of surfing in the town's perfect waves.


the "SANTA TERESA" artwork series is an artistic interpretation and expression of the artist's personal experience in Santa Teresa. It aims to capture the energetic, vibrant, and fluid atmosphere of the coastal town, offering viewers a glimpse into the artist's perception and emotional connection with the place.


My name is Kea Elisa

Read more about me here.

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