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While my previous artwork series have explored the world,

"The Homecoming Collection" celebrates the sanctuary of home.


The Homecoming Collection reminds us that sometimes, the most extraordinary destination is right where you started. Join us in celebrating the art of coming home, where the heart finds its truest expression.

"Chasing Dreams and Coming Home: A Pink and Beige Story“.jpeg

Title: "Chasing Dreams and Coming Home: A Pink and Beige Story“

Acrylic on Canvas

3 pieces, each piece H: 70cm x W: 70cm

Price: On Request

"Chasing Dreams and Coming Home: A Beige and Pink Story" is a work that beautifully weaves together the journey of self-discovery and the comforting embrace of home. This artwork invites viewers to embark on a visual odyssey that explores the interplay between wanderlust and the sanctuary of one's roots.

The background of the artwork serves as the canvas for this narrative, painted in soft, calming beige tones that lay the foundation of home. These gentle hues create an immediate sense of tranquility, akin to the warmth and familiarity of returning to a beloved place.

But it's the delicate pink sprinkles, applied as textured paint, that truly elevate this piece into a work of artistry and emotion. These pink sprinkles are thoughtfully scattered throughout the canvas, seemingly falling gently from the top like confetti celebrating the traveler's journey of self-discovery.

These confetti-like pink sprinkles carry profound symbolism. They are the embodiment of wanderlust, those deep-seated dreams and aspirations that come alive as the traveler reflects on their experiences. Each sprinkle represents a spark of inspiration, a reminder of the endless possibilities and adventures that await on the horizon.

In this artwork, the tactile contrast between the textured pink sprinkles and the serene beige backdrop mirrors the emotional journey of the traveler. It encapsulates the shift from the chaos and excitement of exploration to the quiet introspection that comes with returning home.

The star of this composition is undoubtedly the delicate pink sprinkles that cascade gracefully from the left to the right, resembling confetti gently falling in celebration. These pink sprinkles symbolize the traveler's dreams and wanderlust, reignited as they reflect on their journey. They are a testament to the enduring human spirit, always seeking new experiences, new horizons, and new dreams.

In essence, "Chasing Dreams and Coming Home: A Beige and Pink Story" beautifully encapsulates the universal human experience of yearning for adventure and simultaneously finding solace in the sanctuary of home. It invites viewers to embrace both the thrill of exploration and the serenity of returning to one's roots, reminding us that the journey itself is as valuable as the destination. This artwork is a symphony of colors, emotions, and dreams that resonate deeply with anyone who has chased their aspirations and found comfort in the embrace of home.

Title: "Contours of Home“

Acrylic on Canvas

H: 100cm x W: 70cm

"Contours of Home“.jpeg

"Contours of Home" is an artwork that captures the essence of coming home after a long and adventurous journey. It eloquently narrates the traveler's emotional return, where the outside world's chaos gradually dissolves into a serene and introspective homecoming.

At first glance, the upper part of the artwork is adorned with soft beige tones reminiscent of the gentle hues that establish an immediate sense of calm and serenity, inviting viewers to embark on a visual journey through the canvas.

As the eye moves downward, the beige background progressively takes center stage, symbolizing the traveler's transition from the bustling external world to the comforting and familiar embrace of home. This shift signifies the traveler's inner journey, from the unknown to the sanctuary of the familiar, where beige embodies the unwavering stability and security of one's haven.

However, the heart of the artwork unfolds, where a sweeping, half-waving, half-circular line dominates the composition. Painted in soft shades of beige and grey, this line becomes the guiding path to the core of the artwork and the heart of home. It beckons the viewer with its graceful curves, resembling a warm and welcoming embrace.

The pink hues within this line symbolize the traveler's deep reflection on their adventures. Little pink sprinkles are reminders of the traveler's experiences and travels. They represent also the dreams and aspirations ignited during their journey, gently infused with a touch of romance and possibility. 

Contrastingly, the golden tones in the lower left section close to the line represent the invaluable memories and profound lessons learned during the traveler's odyssey. They shimmer like treasured moments, carefully gathered and preserved along the path to home. These golden elements remind us that every experience is a priceless gem to be cherished.

"Contours of Home" serves as an artistic narrative, inviting viewers to embark on a visual expedition that mirrors the emotional voyage of returning home. It encapsulates the traveler's transition from chaos to serenity and elegantly showcases the transformative power of travel while celebrating the comforting embrace of home. This artwork is a harmonious blend of colors, emotions, and memories that resonate with anyone who has embarked on a journey and found solace in the contours of home.


Title: "The blue thread of Homecoming“

Acrylic on Canvas

2 pieces, each piece H: 100cm x W: 70cm

Price: On Request

"The Blue Thread of Homecoming" is a captivating piece of art that encapsulates the emotions of connection and arrival after a long journey. In this artwork, orange blocks take center stage, representing the warmth and rich experiences gathered during the voyage.


However, the focal point of this artwork is the blue thread that stretches from left to right. This blue thread weaves its way through the composition, symbolizing continuity and the connection between the journey and the return home. It embodies the sense of home that accompanies us throughout our travels and to which we consistently return.


The orange blocks narrate the story of adventures, discoveries, and the diversity of experiences encountered during the journey. They represent the external world in which we immerse ourselves.


On the other hand, the blue thread embodies the inner journey, the quest for connection and belonging. It reminds us that, no matter how far we travel, a part of us is always linked to our home.


"The Blue Thread of Homecoming" is an artwork that serves as a poignant reminder that home is more than just a physical place. It is a feeling of security and connection.

Title: "Sweet like honey“

Acrylic on Canvas

 H: 100cm x W: 80cm

Price: On Request

Home is where the North Sea breeze kisses your cheeks, and the gentle waves of the Baltic sing you to sleep.







My name is KEA ELISA

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