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Series Overview

Welcome to "Colors of Travel," a colorful collection of art inspired by different places around the world. Using graffiti, acrylic paint, and stitched details, each piece shows the beauty of various landscapes, cities, and peaceful spots. Every artwork is 100 cm x 70 cm in size.


Handmade Canvases

The canvases for this series are handmade from raw cotton, giving a natural feel to the artworks. Making these canvases by hand is like a journey itself, with each step carefully done to create the perfect base for the paintings.


Artistic Mediums

In "Colors of Travel," I mix the lively energy of graffiti with the rich look of acrylic paint. These two styles, usually seen in street art and traditional painting, come together to create something special. The stitched details add texture and represent the connections between the places and memories from my travels.


Experience the Journey

"Colors of Travel" invites you to take a visual trip around the world. Each piece is a window to a different place, showing the colors, feelings, and stories of our planet. As you look at this series, I hope it reminds you of your own travels and the beautiful experiences that make up our lives.

Thank you for visiting. Enjoy your journey through "Colors of Travel."

All artworks out of this serie:

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