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Mai - Juli 2023


For 42 days, we sailed across the vast Atlantic Ocean, experiencing adventure, challenges, and awe. Starting from beautiful Piriapolis in Uruguay, we embraced the endless horizon. Along the way, we made unforgettable stops in El Salvador, Brazil, and Madeira, Portugal, discovering new wonders and taking breaks.


This incredible journey inspired my new artwork series, 'Sailing.' The memories of those days, the changing ocean views, and the feeling of being a tiny part of nature are now captured on canvas using light green, blue, and white.


'Sailing' reflects the open sea, freedom, and life's unpredictable adventures. Each piece tells a unique story, like the ocean waves. It celebrates endless possibilities and uncharted territories, showing that deep inspiration can come from the world's vast horizons.


Join me on this artistic journey as I bring our ocean crossing to life through my art. 'Sailing' invites you to explore, dream, and celebrate the ocean's infinite beauty. #SailingArtSeries #EndlessInspiration

Just as a circle symbolizes infinity in mathematics, our Atlantic sailing voyages was an unending journey of adventure and discovery. Set sail with me, and experience the limitless horizons of the open sea. Your voyage begins here.



This artwork uses light green, blue, and white to create a captivating scene. At the center are prominent circles symbolizing infinity and continuity, drawing the viewer into a journey of endless possibilities.


Surrounding these central circles are smaller ones, representing life's endless patterns and potential. Each circle tells a unique story, much like the changing waves of the ocean.


The gentle green and blue hues reflect the vastness of the sea, creating a serene and harmonious atmosphere. The artwork captures the essence of the ocean, inviting you to explore boundless horizons.


Overall, this piece embodies the freedom, excitement, and curiosity of an Atlantic sail. The circles remind us of the infinite potential within the artwork and the experiences it reflects.

Title: "boundless horizons"

"Boundless Horizons" is the second artwork in the "Sailing" series. It shows the beauty of the open sea where the sky meets the water. The main colors are blue and green for the ocean and white for the yacht's sails.


The painting gives a sense of freedom and adventure, as if you're on a boat exploring the vast ocean. The sweeping brushstrokes create movement and capture the changing sea.


"Boundless Horizons" invites you to explore and discover, embodying the excitement of sailing into the unknown.

Title: "Marine melody"

The third artwork in the sailing series is called "Marine Melody." It takes you into a magical world where the painting creates a beautiful scene inspired by the gentle movement of ocean waves. Different shades of blue blend together perfectly on a clean white background, showing the peaceful feeling of crossing the ocean. This piece of art is like a musical interpretation of the sea's calm beauty, encouraging you to get lost in the relaxing colors of the water. "Marine Melody" invites you to feel the soothing calmness of the ocean through its artistic expression.

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